Enjoy the Moment

The hashtag #oneword has captured the attention of many as the calendar turns to 2016. While some commit to resolutions for the new year, others have chosen a single word to use as a call to action. Personally, I prefer selecting #oneword over a resolution. #Oneword is a call to action, while a resolution is a statement to make a change. Change is hard people. It is why many resolutions fizzle out after a few days, weeks or months. (Present company’s past resolutions serve as a perfect example)

So, rather than sharing my resolution, I present you with my #oneword for 2016, #MOMENT. Life is full of them…if I take the time to notice. As I reflected over the last year, I am not sure I took the time to truly enjoy the #moment.

The good news is, I have recognized it. I have called it what it is. Now what? My #oneword for 2016 is going to be my reminder. My daily call to action that supports me in seeking out the moments that occur during a day. The moments I can highlight, recognize and celebrate.

As I return for the second semester of school on Monday, there are going to be numerous times a day to enjoy the #moment. There is time before school, when I am getting ready at home and my 4 year old son is just waking up and wants daddy’s attention. Will I take advantage and enjoy the #moment? There is time during the school day, when students are eager to share their stories and just want someone to listen. Will I take advantage and enjoy the #moment? There is time after school once students have been dismissed, when teachers are planning, collaborating and brainstorming how to be their best for their students. Will I take advantage and enjoy the #moment? There is time when I get home. The time at home may provide the best #moment if I am looking for it. Many times I come home, tired from the day, just ready to relax, but I am missing the #moment. The #moment may be helping my wife in the kitchen or playing with my son who has not seen me all day. Will I take advantage and enjoy the #moment?

My #oneword for 2016 is going to be my reminder to enjoy the moment and take advantage of it.

How will you know if my #oneword serves its purpose? So glad you asked.

Beginning Monday, January 4th, I will be sharing what my #moment is for the day. Sharing one moment, Monday-Friday between now and the end of the school year will be my call to action. Each day I will be intentional about seeking out a moment I can highlight, recognize and celebrate. Best of all, I will celebrate my #moment with you.

10 thoughts on “Enjoy the Moment”

  1. Great post. Everyone needs to focus on being more present daily. This will serve as an excellent reminder. I know I'm going to look back one day and miss all those “moments” that were happening in my life, but I was too busy looking ahead to realize them. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Jessica – thanks for sharing your thoughts! As hard as it may be, we all need to find a way to enjoy the moment. The moment is way more important in the long run. It's the moments we remember, not all the work we do.

    What's your one word?

  3. Matt, thank you for sharing your reflection. I too am guilty of missing what could have been a special #moment, I am stealing your idea of tweeting out your #Oneword daily. Great way to stay focused and accountable.

  4. Great word, my man. I love the #OneWord challenge and have been really thinking about what my word for 2016 should be. MOMENT is extremely impactful word. Love you brother. Have a great week.

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