Time to Reflect w/ Video Update #IMMOOC

March is one of my favorite times of year. As a school principal it may be the busiest time of year, but I love it. March Madness is probably one of the big reasons as I am a huge sports fan and I enjoy watching the upsets and buzzer beaters that seem to accompany the road to the final four. Yet another big reason March is one of my favorite times of year is Spring Break. Not because we get five days off of work, but because it allows for some down time. It allows for time to think. It allows for time to reflect.

George Couros started the second round of #IMMOOC this week which I am excited to be participating in. Hopefully at a deeper level than the first round. (Help hold me accountable.) As a part of the #IMMOOC, each week there is a YouTube Live Episode.  John Spencer and AJ Juliani kicked off week one and led us through some thought provoking conversation. Towards the end of the session, AJ Juliani commented about the power of reflection and giving people time to reflect. I am terrible at that as a leader. I need to be better at giving my teachers time to reflect. If we do not intentionally set time aside to reflect, will reflection really occur?

A couple of weeks ago I was encouraged by my boss to consider recommending our campus for the Schools Transforming Learning Designation Program through the Texas Principal’s Visioning Institute. My original inclination was to say, “No thank you” and focus on the task at hand. Little did I know, this was a nudge. An intentional nudge that would require me to reflect.

As a part of the submission nominees had to create a 3-5 minute video capturing how school buildings were walking out the mission within the Visioning Document. I chose to highlight a specific article within the document, Article 5: Organizational Transformation.

Organizational transformation is the re-engineering of current structures and practices, resulting in a paradigm shift in our culture, vision, and trajectory, so that our purpose becomes empowering our learning community to collaboratively design profound, meaningful learning experiences throughout the educational journey.

– Plano Leadership Visioning Institute

This definition has been the driving force behind the work the staff at Sigler Elementary has been a part of. The last word of this definition is the most impactful for me and serves as a frequent reminder. We are on a journey. Many of us on the staff are in different spots along the journey. Some are farther along then others, but what I have come to realize is that no one is at the same spot they once were. I wonder…have I allowed them time to reflect on this journey?

As I jump back into the #IMMOOC I am reminded how innovation is not separate and apart from the journey, but it ultimately is the journey. As GC says..it’s a mindset. It’s through innovation that the organizational transformation continues and it’s through reflection we navigate the March Madness and head towards the next destination along our journey.

Interested in seeing the video we submitted…As promised.

Sigler Elementary: Schools Transforming Learning

One thought on “Time to Reflect w/ Video Update #IMMOOC”

  1. “If we do not intentionally set time aside to reflect, will reflection really occur?”
    Great question, I have noticed that if I don’t set aside time and specific questions that I don’t reflect.
    When you talk about how staff are at different places on their journey, I was thinking about how helpful it would be as an educator, to reflect on my journey and share with others. Sometimes I feel that I can’t really relate to other staff, or I worry that I’m not really making any progress, I hear other staff feel like they are ‘stuck’, and sometimes I speed along so fast that I don’t even know what things I’ve accomplished. How powerful would it be for staff to spend time sharing their reflections on their journey and encouraging one another.

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