Rethinking Empowerment #IMMOOC #IMMOOCBC2

At some point last school year and at the beginning of this school year, I shared the graphic below with our teachers.

When I shared this originally, it was my attempt at telling our teachers, “It’s ok to try these things, take a risk.” I knew some teachers had already been using some of these tools and I knew some needed a nudge to try them.

Throughout the rest of the school year I would be in classrooms and see teachers trying to integrate these tools into their instruction. In most cases, this document was pinned to the bulletin board at their desk or taped to a cabinet near by.

In August, the following year, I passed this same document out again. I had the teachers cross out what they had tried last year and circle a couple of things they wanted to try this year.

It was while reading the most recent chapters of the Innovator’s Mindset that I realized the mistake I had made. Yes, teachers were empowered to make decisions, take risks and blend technologies into their instruction, but we were leaving out the most important voice in the room…the students.

I am rethinking empowerment. @matthew_arend !ref I recently read a post by Cathy Brophy, a fellow IMMOOC’ers which you can read here. Her final line was, “In the end, empowering kids cannot start until we empower the grownups we work with.”

“In the end, empowering kids cannot start until we empower the grownups we work with.” – Cathy Brophy

I am ready and our teachers are ready for the next step. As spring arrives and I begin to tentatively lay out plans for next fall, I am rethinking empowerment. It is time to empower our students. @matthew_arend !ref The new handout may look something like this…but given to students from their teachers.

(No disrespect to Austin Gagnier or Sylvia Duckworth for changing the title. I love the thinking and have used it multiple times. I am just rethinking empowerment.)


3 thoughts on “Rethinking Empowerment #IMMOOC #IMMOOCBC2”

  1. Thanks for the shout out Matt, I am inspired by your words and so many other teachers and leaders who have been sharing their thinking over the last few weeks. I have shared with George how relevant The Innovator’s Mindset is to my professional non teaching life.

  2. One of the things I appreciate about this post is that you had a great graphic you shared with teachers, 15 things to try, and then referenced it the next year. One thing that we have struggled with in our building the last few years is so many initiatives, handouts, and programs that we spend time on but never return to… they aren’t really valuable.
    However, having something quick- a visual reminder- to help inspire teachers, is awesome. Even better is that it is referenced the next school year.

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