My #OneWord2018 Needed a “PUSH”

I never really know where the inspiration for the next post is going to come from. Honestly, my #oneword post for 2018 almost didn’t happen. I have spent the last week or so shuffling words back and forth in my mind. Yet, not a single one of them stuck and I cannot write about #oneword if it doesn’t stick, right?

In the midst of a spin class this morning with about twenty minutes remaining, I was spent. The class may have as well ended, because I was ready to hop off the bike and head for the door. It was then, the instructor did something I have never seen a spin teacher do before. She hopped off her bike and started to circulate the room, giving each person in the room the push they needed. Her message was specific to each of us and well timed. Whether she read the room or just felt as if we needed it, she provided the push we needed to finish the class strong. She pushed us to the limit and served as my inspiration for my #oneword.

In that instant, with sweat dripping on the floor my #oneword for 2018 stuck. All I needed was a PUSH, but in the back of my mind I could not help but think, how long will this word stick? I do not see the value in committing myself to a single word, if I know deep down, the word would not carry me forward for the next 365 days.

Reflecting on previous #oneword posts I found that the word served me well for a season, but hardly for an entire year. Does that resonate with anyone else or am I the only oddball? (It detered me from even writing about my #oneword in 2017. I believe life is made up of seasons and within each season of life, my #oneword may change. I may NEED it to change!

As a school principal, my school life is made up of seasons as well. Each season typically lasts about nine weeks so I am boldly committing myself to #oneword for each season or each of the next nine weeks for the next 365 days.

The word PUSH seems to fitting for the next nine weeks.

We are coming off of an extended break. I know there will be students and teachers who may need an extra PUSH to achieve the goals they set out to accomplish at the beginning of the year. I want the PUSH I give to just as specific, timely and motivating as the PUSH I was given today.

Drawing from my experience as a building leader, I know the end of January and February can seem like a long stretch of road before spring break arrives. Knowing this, I want my PUSH to be the message that carries our students and teachers forward keeping the eyes on the prize.

It does not get lost on me that I will need a PUSH too. The simplicity of the word and knowing that the PUSH can be something I give or receive is where the beauty of this #oneword choice lies.

I have goals I want accomplish in 2018. I will not be able to achieve them without the PUSH from my family, friends, colleagues and you!

With that being said, I will PUSH you and I need you to PUSH me. (For the next nine weeks anyway…) ***wink wink***

Be sure to check back in March for the unveiling of my next #oneword for 2018.